Health Centres Access Control

In buildings dedicated to health where there are workers, long-stay patients or for a few hours, visitors, external services, etc., who travel through an environment in which there are areas of free access, areas of high access restriction and sanitized areas, A high security access control is necessary that in turn is flexible and efficient in the face of such disparate needs.

Operability and security in access control

Hospitals, clinics, residences, day centres and, in short, any type of centre dedicated to the care of people and their health require a global solution that streamlines the flow of people and provides the necessary level of security for each stay.

Control who and when can access through certain points of access, to the rooms of patients, to consultations or offices provides the level of security necessary to ensure the safety of patients, goods, facilities and confidential information.

The different applications for furniture locks mean access to cabinets, lockers, drawers, first aid boxes or treatment trolleys can be managed. RFID locks duly protect medications, sensitive health material and clinical records and the associated access to the area.

Understanding the facility as a global and highly dynamic environment, updating access credentials should be managed flexibly and conveniently. The Omnitec system reader itself can update permissions for a determined period of hours, days or months when people identify themselves at the first access point.

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