Educational Environments Access Control

The coming together of large flows of people each day, many of them youngsters, forces educational centres, libraries and student residences to carefully plan their access control system. Guaranteeing the safety of people, goods and facilities requires an efficient and flexible system that does not create bottlenecks or busy passage points. This security system with access control at the doors or through turnstiles protects students, teachers and staff who work in educational centres; reducing risk and preventing intrusions.

Access control in educational environments

Guaranteeing the safety of people, goods and facilities requires an efficient and flexible system that does not generate bottlenecks at busy points of passage.

The security necessary for educational centres

In complex and variable environments such as schools, access authorisation for each user can change over short periods of time. Assigning each user permission for a short period of time and updating it by passing their access token through a reader at a main access greatly increases the security of the facility. This update is done at the time of access and prevents crowding in office areas at the centres.

Access control offered by Omnitec is common in the following educational establishments:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Private academies
  • Nurseries
  • Student residences
  • Libraries

A critical area, such as the classroom, requires locks that can open and/or close in scheduled time ranges with access outside these hours for authorised personnel only, and an auditable record for all entries. Ensuring the classroom is not open without responsible personnel being present guarantees the security of student facilities and assets.

The same room may have different levels of security: e.g. access door, emergency exit, materials cupboard, student lockers, sensitive material cupboards and first aid kit. Omnitec offers solutions for each of these, with specific devices managed by centralised software.

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