Click & Collect Locking Solutions

The boom in electronic commerce has driven the implementation of product delivery and/or collection systems in blocks of lockers located in public places with high traffic and accessibility. As a specialist in security and access control, Omnitec offers a technical solution for incorporation in the locker module manufacturing process.

Comfortable and flexible collection

Currently, retail models provide online shopping storage and collection systems in their own stores, thus saving time for consumers of products from these establishments.

The new distribution model based on the delivery and collection of products in blocks of lockers located in easily accessible public places faces great security challenges.

The so-called Click & Collect systems are based on three factors: the locker structure, management software and the locks and sensors installed in each individual locker. Omnitec offers a solution for opening and closing the lockers and recognising if they are occupied.

The locker is opened and closed by an electromechanical lock that releases/locks the door. One controller board manages up to 16 locks and enables the lock to communicate with the software managing its opening and closing.

At a more efficient locker management level, the sensor informs the system if the locker is occupied or not, and manages alerts in real time. It informs customers that their delivery is available for collection and informs the supplier that the package has been collected and the locker is free to receive another package.

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