OMNITEC has developed different management systems to meet the needs of all types of accommodation, simplifying the management and control the access credentials of guests and internal and external staff.
OMNITEC software acts as a backbone in the comprehensive access plan for hotels, tourist accommodation, residences and in the hospitality sector.

Integration with PMSs

List of PMSs integrated with the Omnitec Software At OMNITEC, we collaborate with the main PMSs, apps and GRMSs (Guest Room Management System) on the market, by integrating our solutions; thus helping to simplify processes and streamline hotel Reception tasks or improve the experience and stay of guests. Below is a list of the most important PMSs which integrate Omnitec's hotel access management software.

Access Management APP Rent&Pass

APP for access management in hotels, holiday homes and hospitality The OMNITEC Rent & Pass app has been developed for access management in all establishments that do not require server software such as Os Access or SmartPass, owing to their size. Small hotels, hotels without a 24-hour Reception, rural tourism accommodation, boutique hotels, etc. You will find the management and maintenance tool in Rent&Pass that best suits your business; offering remote management from a Smartphone or tablet.

Access Management Software SMARTPASS

Access management software for hotels and hospitality At OMNITEC, we have developed SMARTPASS software to manage electronic proximity locks, access control and energy savers. Management with the SMARTPASS software is complemented by the wireless programming controller and MiFare programming cards. SMARTPASS was designed to meet the needs and demands of any type of hotel establishment, guaranteeing internal security and control.

Access Control Software OS ACCESS

Access control software for hotels and hospitality OS ACCESS is the most innovative development by OMNITEC that meets the most demanding technical requirements of hotels and can optimise the management of hotel access credentials and security for MiFare proximity, numeric code and Bluetooth devices. Designed to work in the Cloud from a web browser, OS ACCESS also offers a desktop version for a local network.

Access Control APP UpKey

Mobile APP for Access control in hotels and hospitality UpKey turns your Smartphone into an access key, programmer command for installation and maintenance, and a remote integrated management platform for the access plan. The combination of Os Access software, UpKey app and Gateways gives the hotel a multitude of possibilities in managing the access plan, both in person and remotely, and provides an immediate response under any circumstances..

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