Pedestrian Access Control

Devices to control pedestrian access such as barriers, gates and turnstiles to guarantee full access control to facilities.

Access Control by User
The need to implement a pedestrian access control management system highlights the importance of carrying out adequate analysis of the different zones, access groups, key schedules, access levels per user and the estimated amount of traffic of people.

To implement an access control plan for facilities, Omnitec Systems provides an adequate solution for the integration of electronic and mechanical devices, to provide an adequate pedestrian access control system adapted to each proposed project.
Control de acceso peatonal

Using physical components, an electronic system based on Omnitec’s OS ACCESS software is integrated for instantaneous access control management.

The main advantages are:
• Ad hoc projects for each of the facilities.
• Full adaptation to the reality of each customer and its project.
• Management and control using our OS ACCESS software.
• Internal/external personnel management, visits and vehicles.
• Technological adaptation to each customer profile.

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