Omnitec Systems presents a range of safes for the hotel and hospitality sector with a wide range of options to adapt to the needs of each installation.

5 technological levels, 3 opening formats and 7 sizes, plus the different available complements, allow us to offer a wide hotel safe range that responds to the current demand of the simplest installations, up to those of the highest level and requirements.

Security Electronic Key Box KeySafe

Hand over the keys with a PIN or Bluetooth key KEYSAFE is a security electronic keybox, managed and controlled with Omnitec's APP and/or software. Designed for tourist apartments, small hotels without 24-hour reception, aparthotels and estate agents, the operation of KEYSAFE simplifies management for owners and improves the experience for guests. Its remote management system means the owner and guest do not need to meet to hand over mechanical keys or proximity cards

Hotel Safe with Bluetooth EXO

Operates by code, Bluetooth and RFID tag Hotel safe with a high technological features. Opening via Bluetooth, proximity tag and numerical code, plus Bluetooth management and maintenance; these are the identifying features of a hotel safe with a high technological DNA.

Hotel Safe Avant

Top opening hotel safe Hotel safe with top opening. The Avant Hotel Safe has been designed to fit into desktops or be installed hidden in a drawer.

Hotel Safe Folder

Hotel safe with drawer oppening Hotel and office safe with sliding drawer type opening. Hotel safe with large top opening, which offers convenient access for objects without damaging them.

Hotel Safe Safeguard

Functional and economical hotel safe A hotel safe which offers security to the guests and employees does not have to involve a large investment. Omnitec presents the Safeguard hotel safe: secure, functional and economical.

Hotel Safe Safeguard M-Plus

High performance hotel safe The Omnitec Safeguard M-Plus hotel safe offers the balance between security, performance and comfort most requested by hotel guests and users. The possibilities of managing the hotel safe in rental, showing the audit trail on display or printing audit trails make this a hotel safe that adapts to the most usual needs.

Hotel Safe Supra

Electronic hotel safe The Omnitec hotel safe Supra is the appropriate model for hotels and companies that seek a high range hotel safe, fully configurable and simply managed on display or with auxiliary control unit.

Hotel Safe Protect

High-tech hotel safe Safe for hotel and office. Hotel safe from the Omnitec range of cutting-edge technology. The hotel safe Protect incorporates advanced security and management features for superior category hotels.

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