Hotel Minibar

The range of hospitality and hotel minibars offered by Omnitec is differentiated mainly by the cooling technology used: absorption hotel minibar, minibar with silent compressor and a thermoabsorption hotel minibar.

Each hotel minibar type has different models with different technological features and sizes, so that Omnitec hotel minibars can cover all the current needs of hotels and the hospitality sector.

Thermoabsorption Minibar for Hotel Pure-T

A silent 0dB and efficient minibar A silent minibar for hotels, with thermo-absorption technology. Development of our consolidated Pure minibar, making it more energy efficient and totally silent, using thermo-absorption refrigeration technology.

Compressor Minibar for Hotel ECO

High performance and economic hotel minibar The ECO compressor hotel minibars are designed for demanding environments where cooling power makes a difference to guest comfort. Energy Efficiency: A (EU Norm 2020).

Thermoabsorption Minibar for Hotel Noble

Energy efficient and silent hotel minibar The Noble hotel minibar guarantees the comfort of the guests and provides a significant reduction in electricity consumption with respect to other completely silent technologies. The thermoabsorption hotel minibar Noble has been designed for hotels looking for a silent hotel minibar without assuming large investments.

Compressor Minibar for Hotel C

Powerful and rapid hotel minibar The compresor hotel minibar C from Omnitec functions with a perfectly calibrated compressor system to maintain the optimum cooling temperature for drinks and snacks in the minibar. Energy Efficiency: A++ (EU Norm 2020)

Compressor Minibar for Hotel Elite

Performance and silent hotel minibar Compressor hotel minibar equipped with an ultra-quiet, next generation compressor for hotels seeking a maximum performance minibar and high comfort level with minimum consumption. Energy Efficiency: A++ (UE Norm 2020), C (UE Norm 2021)

Absorption Minibar for Hotel A

Minibar for hotel & hospitality The absorption hotel minibar model A is perfect for those hotels looking for a practical, functional and silent hotel minibar with high level of comfort for their guests.

Absorption Minibar for Hotel Pure

Silent Hotel Minibar 0 dB Absorption hotel minibar that features the highest technical specifications and technologies for hotels that demand high performance and silent minibar

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