Electronic Lock for Lockers

OMNITEC offers a simple, practical and safe management system for locker and furniture electronic lock, with a complete range of electronic locks for doors and drawers.

The Omnitec locker and furniture electronic locks are the ideal solution for storing the belongings of users or employees in spas, baths, sports centres, educational centres, company changing rooms, offices and shops, for example.

Elektronisches Schloss (Mifare)

Proximity-Schloss für Schließfächer und Möbel Elektronisches Schloss für Schließfächer mit Mifare-Öffnung. Ideale Lösung für Hotels, Fitnessstudios, SPAs und Kurorte, die Software von Omnitec Systems verwenden.

Electronic Lock for Lockers Lockerfy

Electronic lock for lockers, drawers and furniture Independent electronic lock for lockers and office and business furniture; ideal solution for spas, baths, gyms, hotels and shops. Opening via Bluetooth, proximity card and numerical code

Electronic Lock for Lockers SMART

Lock for lockers, drawers and furniture Electronic lock for lockers and furniture in sports centres, companies, schools, first aid kits and changing rooms, etc.

Lock with Keypad for Lockers Style

Lock for locker with opening by code Electronic locks with keypad for lockers and furniture. Ideal solution for health centres, spas, gyms, sports centres, education centres, company dressing rooms, etc., which use software from Omnitec Systems. Easy management without cards, operated by code.

Electronic Lock for Lockers E-Locker Mifare Plus

Proximity Locks for Lockers The electronic locks for lockers are the ideal solution for keeping the belongings of users and employees of Spas, Gyms, Schools, Changing Rooms, Companies, etc.

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