Electronic Cylinder Lock

The electronic cylinder as an access control device is increasingly important in hotels, offices, homes and restricted areas of public buildings, either by integrating with other devices or operating independently.

Electronic cylinder locks with entry, entry and exit reader or with half a cylinder, with Bluetooth or RFID opening. All models can be used to convert a traditional door into an electronically controlled door quickly and easily without modifying the door.

Electronic Cylinder Lock for Holiday Home

Bluetooth & on-line opening Electronic cylinder lock for holiday homes, opened by Bluetooth and online. The modernisation of doors, with greater access control and security is convenient and fast with the X-RP electronic cylinder lock, managed with the holiday rental homes system Rent&Pass.

Electronic Cylinder X-Clusive

One electronic cylinder, multiple devices The Electronic Cylinder Lock X-Clusive is the best option for modernizing doors for access to restricted zones, which gives a modern and state-of-the-art dimension to the room, whether hotel or office.

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