Electronic Lock for Hotel OS SLIM

Electronic lock with bluetooth and MiFare proximity The OS SLIM electronic lock stands out for its slim design with narrow escutcheons that give the door and the room a plus of style and elegance. Its high technological level combined with the opening via Bluetooth, MiFare proximity card and remotely online, through Gateway, make OS SLIM one of the models with the greatest projection in the hotel sector.

Electronic Hotel Lock with Bluetooth – EVO

Electronic Lock with Bluetooth and Proximity opening Design technology and innovation converge in EVO to provide an electronic hotel lock of high-performance. EVO electronic lock incorporates an innovative access control technology, developed by OMNITEC, which allows hotels to implement an unprecedented level of security and control.

Access Control APP UpKey

Mobile APP for Access control in hotels and hospitality UpKey turns your Smartphone into an access key, programmer command for installation and maintenance, and a remote integrated management platform for the access plan. The combination of Os Access software, UpKey app and Gateways gives the hotel a multitude of possibilities in managing the access plan, both in person and remotely, and provides an immediate response under any circumstances..

Electronic Lock for Hotel GAUDI 2

Reliable, robust and easy to install. Specially designed for Hotels, Offices and Residences, GAUDI integrates all security features into a single reliable and efficient device. The electronic proximity lock with the best quality/price ratio on the market. Optional Bluetooth opening via app.

Electronic Lock for Hotel Fit-In

Renewing mechanical, magnetic band, chip or RFID locks is easy and fast with Fit-In electronic hotel lock. Maintaining the existing mortise, the electronic lock Fit-In adapts to its installation and provides the ease and security of Mifare electronic locks for hotel renovations. Optional Bluetooth opening via app.

Electronic Cylinder X-Clusive

One electronic cylinder, multiple devices The Electronic Cylinder Lock X-Clusive is the best option for modernizing doors for access to restricted zones, which gives a modern and state-of-the-art dimension to the room, whether hotel or office.

Energy Saver Simple

Energy saver for hotel rooms The OMNITEC ECO energy saving range is a series of independent energy saver that can save you up to 30% in electricity consumption in the rooms where they are installed. The energy saver Simple operates with any card.

Energy Saver for Hotel – MiFare

Electricity savings in hotel rooms Energy Saver Mifare is a device that allow up to 30% of the electrical consumption of the buildings where they are installed to be saved. This energy saver model operates exclusively with MiFare cards, without reading authorisation.

Hotel Energy Saver – Smart

Energy saver for hotel rooms High-performance Smart energy saver in the Eco-Max series. Smart energy saver works in independent mode with a saving capacity of up to 60% of the electricity consumption in the buildings where it is installed. The energy saver uses the same support as the room opening, with authorisation reading.

Energy Saver Wireless

Electricity consumption optimization with energy savers Wireless energy savers, in their different formats, work in conjunction with wireless, door and window motion sensors. The wireless energy savers apply in hotel rooms and those facilities accessed with supports other than a card, such as smartphone, smartwatch, all-inclusive wristbands and key rings.

Motion Sensor

The ECO-SENS range consists of different types and models of sensors for optimising the electrical consumption of the rooms, achieving savings of up to 60% in rooms equipped with ECO-SENS sensors. Motion sensors determine whether the room is occupied, or not, and communicate it wirelessly to the wireless economiser, which manages the output relays according to the information received.

Door – Window Sensor

The ECO-SENS range consists of different types and models of sensors for optimising the electrical consumption of the rooms, achieving savings of up to 60% in rooms equipped with ECO-SENS sensors. The door and window sensors inform the economiser if the windows in the room and the access door are open or closed. Depending on the situation of the doors and windows, the economiser manages the electrical devices of the room to minimise energy consumption.

Emergency Push Button

Push button to request assistance from hotel staff in an emergency. These systems were traditionally designed for bathrooms in the room, but are increasingly common in different parts of rooms and adapted for physically handicapped people.

Coordinator Eco·Net

The ECO NET coordinator acts as a receiver of communications on each floor of the hotel and enables communication between the economisers and the reception PC.

Software Eco·Net

The combination of wireless devices and all their advantages, with a network of coordinators and energy management software provides the hotel with comprehensive and powerful centralised control on the reception PC. In the wireless network ECO • NET, the management and control software acts as the backbone of the network of energy savers, sensors and coordinators installed in the building.

Do Not Disturb DND System for Hotels

DND for hotels Omnitec offers the hotel a modern and elegant DND system, designed to suit any style of decoration. Intuitive use, this DND provides important extra comfort for the guest. The smart DND system is widely used in hotels, motels and apartments that offer the guest the option of indicating their preferences outside the room.

Do Not Disturb DND Glass System for Hotels

DND for hotels The DND Glass system is characterised by its modern design with an exterior panel in retro glass illuminated by LED and a touch button. Its elegant finish gives the whole hall a luxurious and modern style without neglecting the comfort of the guest.

Hotel Safe Protect

High-tech hotel safe Safe for hotel and office. Hotel safe from the Omnitec range of cutting-edge technology. The hotel safe Protect incorporates advanced security and management features for superior category hotels.

Hotel Safe Supra

Electronic hotel safe The Omnitec hotel safe Supra is the appropriate model for hotels and companies that seek a high range hotel safe, fully configurable and simply managed on display or with auxiliary control unit.

Hotel Safe Safeguard M-Plus

High performance hotel safe The Omnitec Safeguard M-Plus hotel safe offers the balance between security, performance and comfort most requested by hotel guests and users. The possibilities of managing the hotel safe in rental, showing the audit trail on display or printing audit trails make this a hotel safe that adapts to the most usual needs.

Hotel Safe Safeguard

Functional and economical hotel safe A hotel safe which offers security to the guests and employees does not have to involve a large investment. Omnitec presents the Safeguard hotel safe: secure, functional and economical.

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