Thermoabsorption Minibar for Hotel Pure-T

A silent 0dB and efficient minibar A silent minibar for hotels, with thermo-absorption technology. Development of our consolidated Pure minibar, making it more energy efficient and totally silent, using thermo-absorption refrigeration technology.

Technical Information

A quiet, energy-efficient hotel minibar

The Pure-T silent heat-absorbing hotel minibar offers power and energy efficiency together with high technical performance, for hotels looking for a top-of-the-range silent minibar.

Thermo-absorption technology does not use compressors, fans or moving parts to cool drinks and snacks; it provides a range of totally silent minibars that guarantee maximum convenience in the hotel room.

The Pure-T range of minibars consists of 4 minibars, in 30 and 40 L sizes, with either a solid or glass door. All variants of the range comply with the 2021 EU energy efficiency regulations.

General Characteristics

  • Technology: Thermoabsorption
  • Voltage: 220-240V (110V optional)
  • Power: 63 W
  • Energy Efficiency (UE 2021 Norm): E
    Glass Door: G

Standard Features

  • Silent Minibar 0 dB
  • Auto-defrost
  • Microprocessor controlled thermostat
  • Additional hinge for left opening.
  • Electronic interior LED light
  • Trays and racks adjustable in height and depth, maximum use of the minibar
  • High isolation to reduce consumption and to increase its cooling power

Specific Project Options

  • Lock on the minibar door.
  • Casters.
  • Fixed light door opening indicator.
  • Different Colors available.
  • Sliding guide.
  • Glass door. Personalization optional.


Volume Dimensions HxWxD Consumption Efficiency
(Norma UE 2021)
Glass Door
30 litres 485 x 400 x 430 0,21 Kw/24h E
40 litres 543 x 435 x 450 0,21 Kw/24h E
30 litres 485 x 400 x 430 0,29 Kw/24h G YES
40 litres 543 x 435 x 450 0,49 Kw/24h G YES

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