Lift Access Control

Lift Access Control Lift access control, integrated into the lift management panels. Increase the security of your hotel, with the lift access control, the guest can only access where you have granted him permissions.

Technical Information

Access control to be integrated into the lift management panel

The Omnitec lift access control has been designed to integrate into the management panels of the lift and increase the security of your hotel.

With the lift control, the guest can only access where you have granted him permissions.

With the pertinent credentials on the card, the hotel will be able to limit the general use of the lift or even limit access to specific floors.

The system operates off-line and makes it possible to increase the security level of the hotel.

The lift access control manages access to the floors depending on the credentials of the guest’s or employee’s card. It makes it possible to limit access to specific floors or limit the operation of the panel buttons.

With a modern and minimized design, it is installed with minimal intervention in the lift panel.

  • Reader dimensions: 60 x 80 x 7,5 mm
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