Electronic Hotel Lock with Bluetooth – EVO

Electronic Lock with Bluetooth and Proximity opening Design technology and innovation converge in EVO to provide an electronic hotel lock of high-performance. EVO electronic lock incorporates an innovative access control technology, developed by OMNITEC, which allows hotels to implement an unprecedented level of security and control.

Technical Information

Electronic Hotel Lock Innovation and Technology

Its minimalist and customizable design, and the opening and management via APP, make EVO an electronic lock with unprecedented features.


thanks to its avant-garde and innovative design.



designed for new doors, with a configuration allowing a free choice of handle, with all mechanisms, electronics and batteries located inside the door, a reader and customisable keyholes.



openings, opening attempts, exits, etc. Audit synchronized with the front desk PC.



for guest opening, setting up, management and maintenance of the electronic lock.



remote opening and management by including Gateways in the installation.



installing in a hotel room the EVO electronic lock, the EXO safe and the Gateway allows remote management and control of both devices.


  • System of opening with Smartphone via Bluetooth and MIFARE proximity card.
  • Option to open and manage online by installing gateways.
  • Electronics integrated into the door, without antennas or external connectors exposed to undesired tampering.
  • Closing option with a latch and privacy activated by a knob or a reverse turn of the handle:
    • Hotel mode: Closed only from inside the room, using a knob or by reverse turning the handle.
    • ARO (Apartment-Residence-Office) mode: Lets you close the latch and activate privacy from either side of the door by reverse turning the handle.
  • Guaranteed operation in the most adverse climatological environments. Stainless steel AISI 304 manufactured.
  • IP 56 Certified.
  • Visual and acoustic indicators to facilitate their use by disabled persons, as well as for additional functionalities such as low battery warnings to personnel, privacy indicator, etc.
  • Mortise with silent latch, anti-card device and anti-panic function.
  • Single mortise lock for doors opening in either direction.
  • Hidden mechanical cylinder, for auditable emergency openings.
  • Single app for administrator, hotel staff and guests. UpKey allows different functionalities according to the registered user profile.
  • The guest is automatically logged into the app via a link created by the hotel which the guest receives in an email.
  • Customised app option and integration with third parties.



EVO Electronic Lock for Hotel – Inox Colour


EVO Electronic Lock for Hotel – Black Colour


EVO Electronic Lock for Hotel – Gold Colour


EVO Electronic Lock for Hotel – Copper Colour


EVO Electronic Lock for Hotel – Bronze Colour

EVO Configurations

The EVO electronic lock has been developed with three different configuration modes, so it can be used in any location and meet the needs all categories of hotels, the hospitality sector and holiday rentals.



Privacy with mechanical knob – Tradition and Style
Privacy and closing of the latch achieved by turning the knob located on the inside of the door.
Traditional privacy system for hotel locks, without sacrificing the minimalism and intrinsic style of the EVO electronic lock.
Convenience and simplicity of use for the guest.

EVO Electronic Hotel Lock with knob privacy
Reversible Handle

Privacy with reversible handle – Extreme Minimalism
Privacy achieved from inside the room by turning the handle upwards, with a reverse movement to open.
Not having a knob means only the handle is installed inside the room; thus configuring an EVO lock with extreme minimalism
No part of the lock affects the look of the inside of the door and, therefore, the room.

EVO Electronic Hotel Lock with Reversible Handle Privacy

ARO – Apartments | Residentials | Offices

Double Reversible Handle

Double privacy – Design and Security
Under the ARO configuration, the EVO electronic lock lets you have privacy by closing the latch from either side of the door.
Turning the handle up, with a reverse movement to open, closes the latch and gives you privacy, both from inside and outside the door.
This functionality ensures the latch is closed when leaving the room, leaving the room properly closed and secure.

 EVO Electronic Hotel Lock with Privacy by Double Reversible Handle

EVO 360º Electronic Lock

Hotel EVO Electronic Lock – Mobile Opening

EVO Electronic Hotel Door Lock – Presentation

Video – Hotel Electronic Locks

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