Compressor Minibar for Hotel Elite

Performance and silent hotel minibar Compressor hotel minibar equipped with an ultra-quiet, next generation compressor for hotels seeking a maximum performance minibar and high comfort level with minimum consumption. Energy Efficiency: A++ (UE Norm 2020), C (UE Norm 2021)

Technical Information

Hotel minibar with a quiet compressor

Elite minibar for hotel and hospitality represents the top of the range of  hotel minibars with a silent compressor. High performance hotel minibar, minimum consumption and acoustic insulation that makes the noise level imperceptible at a distance of 1 meter or more from the minibar.

The RTC (Real Time Clock) option allows programming of the hotel minibar to automatically turn off during resting hours optimizing consumption.

Hotel Minibar – General Characteristics

  • Energy Efficiency: A++ (UE Norm 2020), C (UE Norm 2021).
  • Technology: Ultra silent insulated compressor
  • Voltage: 220-240V (110V optional)
  • Power: 53 to 58 W

Hotel Minibar – Standard Features

  • Auto-defrost
  • Low consumption interior LED
  • Additional hinge for left opening
  • Adjustable trays and bottle holders
  • Bottle holder for 1l bottle

Hotel Minibar – Specific Project Options

  • Lock
  • Casters
  • RTC – Real Time Clock
  • Sliding guide
  • Glass door. Personalization optional

Hotel Minibar – Dimensions

Volume Dimensions AxAxF Consumption Efficiency
EU Norm 2020
EU Norm 2021
35 litres 510 x 382 x 456 0,133Kw/24h A++ C
45 litres 566 x 427 x 472 0,116Kw/24h A++ D
60 litres 640 x 550 x 560 0,26Kw/24h A++ C

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