Access Control for Holiday Rentals

Opening by Bluetooth and On-Line Access control with Bluetooth and on-line opening, designed to control external access and doors to estates, buildings, garages, etc. Full management functionality for access and users of the Rent&Pass holiday rental homes system.

Technical Information

Opening via Bluetooth and On-Line

Its small size means it goes unnoticed and allows it to be installed in hidden or inaccessible areas so as not to demonstrate the presence of the automation devices.

Access control with Bluetooth and online opening to control doors equipped with an electrical latch, garages, turnstiles, automatic gates and front doors connecting the device to the automatic entry system.

Installation of this access control is additional to the residence lock and unifies the entire access control management system for the holiday home guest.

Its remote management system means the owner and guest do not need to meet. Once the reservation is confirmed, the holiday home owner sends an electronic key to the guest with validity as contracted on the reservation.


  • Opening via Bluetooth and online
  • 1 output relay
  • Dimensions: 66 x 32 x 22 mm

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