Access Control and Revalidator INUP

Opening and permissions updating in the same operation Access control and access permission revalidator. The user access the restricted area and update their access permissions. By installing the INUP access control revalidator in main entrance, staff entrance doors, dressing rooms, etc., it manages the renewal of permissions of guests and employees, even daily.

Technical Information

Access control and access permission revalidator

OMNITEC offers a solution designed to revalidate accesses automatically and simply (making it possible for service card validity to be for only 24 hours).

Reads and updates any MiFare proximity device, such as a card, key chain or bracelet.

Its network cable connectivity means it can be installed in main access doors, for personnel access and changing rooms, for example, by managing access credential updates for each user.

In the same operation, users access the restricted area and update their access permissions.

  • Front section in high impact resistance polycarbonate.
  • IP65 certificate
  • Dimensions: 76 x 121 x 51 mm
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