Omnitec Systems manufactures and commercializes: Electronic Hotel Locks, Minibars,
Hotel Safes, Access Control
and other devices for hotel.

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Electronic Lock for Hotel OSSLIM

electronic lock stands out for its slim design with narrow escutcheons that give the door and the room a plus of style and elegance. Its high technological level combined with the opening via Bluetooth, MiFare proximity card and remotely online, through Gateway, make OS SLIM one of the models with the greatest projection in the hotel sector.




Security and comfort for the guest and the employee

Rent & Pass

Rent & Pass

Holiday homes management via mobile and without keys


Omnitec Systems has more than 25 years of experience of developing, manufacturing and marketing electronic locks, access controls, safes and minibars. It is a young dynamic company, with a highly specialised technical and commercial team and a consolidated sales network in over 70 countries; as such, today, Omnitec is one of the most recognised brands in the sector, with quality and service guaranteed over 5 continents.

Subsidiaries in Mexico and the United Kingdom reinforce the commercial operations of the central office located in Spain, which in turn relies on logistics platforms in Asia and Mexico to guarantee optimised delivery times for shipments to any country.

From its beginnings in the hospitality sector and following the constant growth it has experienced, it is now involved in projects in very different sectors. This experience provides the necessary knowledge to expand its range with quality products adapted to the specific needs of each sector.

We take care of the details, we do more with less.

The customer is our priority.

Commitment makes the difference.

Mistakes are opportunities for improvement.


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